Third try's a charm, right?

If Dad has a blog, then I should give it a third try. Not that I told anyone about previous efforts to write online; I wanted to see how it went first. But with no one to read it, I gave it up quickly. Besides, I had no focus. This time, I think I will do the family blog thing, kinda like the Hawleyfocus. Not that I'll be as good at posting pictures and being visually creative. And who knows if I'll ever learn to post music or stuff like that. But my children have forbidden me to get a Facebook account and tag them as friends, so I will give blogging another try.


Jen said…
Yippee!! You are going to love this blog thing. It's so much easier than trying to email pictures to everyone or sending out letters. Call it the lazy man's way of letter writing. Not that I'm calling you lazy. And if you ever need any help with posting videos, music, etc., then just give me a shout. I would have preferred you getting a Word Press blog though because they have the coolest templates to choose from and no bar across the top of your screen.
Maybe I'll change over to Wordpress if I'm a good girl and I update frequently.

And yes, I shall be contacting you if I need help uploading vids. I would like to put a few on here.
Jen said…
The easiest way I know how to upload videos is by first uploading them to Google Video or You Tube, but you need to open an account. After uploading a video to one them there places, then you should see an "embed code" that you copy onto your blog when writing a post. I don't use blogger, but I can check how to do this on WordPress to see if it works the same way. Good luck!
Dennis said…
Yours is much better than mine but because I am old and much less technologically inclined I have an excuse. I think this blogging is a great way to keep up on each other. Dad