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Seriously, Katie does NOT look more like me than Hayley. I'll have to have Hayley reevaluated using some different pictures. Although I do freely admit that Katie looks a lot like my sister Jen.


froggybaby said…
How confusing. If Jimmy comes out looking like you, I'll give it up completely. How wrong they were. I enjoyed seeing Katie on the Wall. (The one with the capital "W") And we hope Paul has learned an important Easter lesson. The other Easter lesson is to never take your brother tromping through the garden in the mud. EVERYONE will feel the need to yell at you.
Dennis said…
What an awesome experience for Katie. She looks a little chilly. I enjoy reading the band blog. Isn't it great for stay-behind parents to see what their kids are doing on a day t- day basis. Had breakfast yesterday with Mike and girls.
TaterBean said…
This can't be for real. lol