A bookworm ate my brain

Another great B-movie title, don't you think?

Backstory: Needed something to do with my eyes while on the treadmill or stationary bike while at the gym, had no new books to read, did not have time to go to the library and spend an hour perusing the titles for a book I haven't read that looks interesting. Grabbed a book off the shelf that I remember reading and enjoying and thought I think I'll read this again just to have something to do while I cycle or tread the endless boring miles at the gym.

Two books in particular: Phantom of the Opera and The Worthing Saga.

I got halfway through Phantom and realized that I had no recollection of the end of the book. The torturing of Raoul and the other guy in the mirrored room with the fake tree was COMPLETELY UNFAMILIAR. So was the end of the book! And NO I have not ever seen the musical or the movie. I could have sworn I read the book. The first half was as I remembered, but I just KNOW the book ended differently the first time I read it!

And same with The Worthing Saga. Although I didn't recollect any ending at all. But I thought it ended differently with the dad learning to live without his arm. This time I read it, though, it had a happy ending, and I was sure that the ending was much sadder and everyone learned the important life lesson that in order to be truly human, a person has to suffer sadness, trial, pain and death in order to appreciate love, happiness, life, and peace. There WAS that, but with a happy ending!

Am I going nuts? What other books did I read but not read? I'm going to have to read all the books I've ever read just to see if I remembered them correctly. And what about my life? Am I remembering parts of my life wrong? Did I actually go to prom with that one guy? And did I really work at that one bookstore? I am pretty sure that I married Jim and that we (so far) have a happy ending (middle?).