Picture Dump: Chinese edition

Katie brought back 800+ pictures on her camera. You'll be relieved to know that I won't be uploading all of them here on this blog. But I have chosen a few that I liked (in addition to the one I posted yesterday of her with a certain special someone! not!)

Here is a picture for my brother, Mike. Mike, you'll be happy to know that Katie's deprogramming from her Communist exposure went well. She is no longer spouting quotations from the Little Red Book.

Not just one kite, but a bunch of kites all strung together. You can't see it very well, but each kite has a painted face on it, and all of the faces are grimacing. I think they look like Mexican wrestler masks.
Now here are some pictures with Katie in them:In a jade shop, Katie and Alex mimic the statuary:

Katie and a million dollar piece of carved jade (no, she didn't buy it. Sigh. Now we'll never have a jade horse in the house!):Head over to the Laker Band Adventure website (link to the right) for a short video clip of Katie fulfilling her drum major duties in Shanghai.

Keep checking that website because even though the kids are home, there are many more pictures to share. I love playing "Where's Waldo" with Katie in the pictures. How many of you spotted Katie on the Jumbotron screen in several band pictures? Cool, huh?