Birthday Girl

Happy birthday, Hayley!

11 years ago today, I got my second girl. What a relief that was, knowing I would not have three boys in a row like my poor mother had. Hayley was probably the easiest birth out of the five. My mother was in attendance so that she could actually see a birth. Mom was a good spectator--she was quiet and didn't try to get me to do something I didn't want to do. The doctor did that. I had to argue with the doctor about an episiotomy--I didn't want one and knew that I didn't need one, he wanted to perform one. It's hard to argue while trying to deliver a baby. But I won and I was right.

Here is Hayley at the age of 2 1/2. This was during a time when she had a tendency to put Tupperware on her head. She doesn't do it anymore, thank goodness. She was such an angelic child, really. I always thought that Matt and Hayley were my reward for dealing with Jimmy when he was little. And she is still an angelic child, except that she would rather keep all her clothing on the floor than in the dresser.

And here is Hayley on her birthday, relaxing in her robe, watching Cinderella with her newest Webkin, which she bought with birthday money from Granddaddy. The Webkin is a kitty and she named it Karin (Car-in, not care-in), same as sister Jen's middle name--and Hayley didn't even know it! And had Matt been a girl, that would have Matt's middle name!

And so begins Hayley's last year in Primary at church. One more year and she will be in the Young Women's program! Not my baby girl!

I'll probably post pictures of Hayley and her birthday cake tomorrow. Coming up later today (hopefully), a picture of Katie leaving us for China.

Look what the weather left for Hayley's birthday:

Will it never end??? 3-5 inches on the ground with more to come! I hope Katie's flight isn't delayed.


froggybaby said…
Happy Birthday to Hayley. I remember her being born!! I to am thankful that she has ceased to Tupper her head. I hope she has a fantastic day where dreams are fulfilled and happiness has no end. I love your March weather, too. Morgan and I were jealous. The girls wanted to know if it would be like that when we came up in June. Who knows the way this year has gone!!!