A new pair of glasses in the family

My last two posts were rather long. Hopefully I can keep this one short so that you won't have to sit and read for minutes on end, and because I am going to the elementary school this morning to volunteer.

Picture of the day:Jimmy does not need them for reading, just for driving and looking at the whiteboard (formerly chalkboard or blackboard) in class. He's actually kind of happy to get them, as you can tell from the smile on his face.


Dennis said…
He's a handsome guy and the glasses make him look more mature.
Jake said…
Jimmy now needs to acquire a "look" with his glasses. Mine happens to be peering over the top of my frames when I don't care much for what ever is going on around me -or- don't care much to listen to what someone is saying. They usually stop when they get the look. It works slick. Jimmy, figure something out and get back to me.