Still not Spring, despite being on "Spring" Break

The snow is trying its very hardest to melt, but it is still blindingly white outside.

The kids had an egg hunt at Grandma's house yesterday after church, but because of the 10 inches of snow, some of them gave up after a bit because of very cold hands from having to dig the eggs out of the drifts. Why were the eggs buried? Because some teenage boys (ahem Jimmy and Paul) thought it was too much work to place eggs gently around the yard for little kids to find and decided instead to lob the eggs from the porch into the yard, which created little pockmarks in the snow where each egg fell. The pockmarks were quite deep too. Anyway, I'm sure that as the snow melts, Grandma will find several uncollected plastic eggs around her yard. I'd upload some pictures, but I can't find my camera at the moment.

The kids are happy to be free from school and it seems that none of them have been given much homework to do. So I gave them chores to keep them busy. Oddly, none of them were particularly grateful. Hmm.