Mother's Paranoia

First of all, happy birthday to my Mom! I don't even know if she will read this, but even if she doesn't, it's her birthday and this is proof that I was thinking of her on her birthday.

In honor of my mother, a picture. These are my mother's shoes. But on my feet. See how nicely they fit? I love these shoes; they are perfect for my favorite time of year--Halloween. Mom, can I have these shoes when you die? And the organ?

I can't believe I waited this long to do a shoe-related post. You'd think with a name like Shoebox Princess located at shoeboxcastle dot blogspot dot com that I'd be posting lots about footwear. So here is the first of many references to my favorite item of clothing.

Now for the paranoia. Am I being biased in my posting? Have I highlighted one child over others? I think Katie has been given short shrift lately. So here is a picture of her.