Matt's turn

After taking my Humanities midterm this morning, I'm ready to sit around and waste time. Wasting time is the best way to empty the brain of vital Humanities information. I need those brain cells to perform other functions, like maintaining the social calendars of 5 children and memorizing the number to the local Chinese food take-out place where I go as a reward for finishing a test or a college class.

Anyway, here is Matt. Goofy Matt. In front of him is our New Year's puzzle, a 3000-piece behemoth of a jigsaw. See that small area of connected pieces? Matt put those there. It took a long time, but he was helpful in the quest to finish this puzzle before Katie's birthday on the 6th, when we would again need the dining room table. Believe it or not, we spent a week with 3000 puzzle pieces on our table and we did not lose a one of them. We ate on the puzzle, read the newspaper on the puzzle, ignored homework on the puzzle.

I believe this picture might be of the only moment in Matt's lifetime when he wasn't talking. He actually has his mouth closed. His teachers have all commented on his propensity for oration, but reluctantly admit that his constant stream of talk is almost always on the subject they are discussing at school. Today I stopped by his class after volunteering in Hayley's class and Matt was writing an essay titled (the teacher came up with the title) "Today I woke up and everything was green." I saw Matt had written over half a page, while most other kids had a few sentences. (Matt loves the color green). I didn't get to read much of the essay, mostly what I remember about my brief glance at it was that it was peppered with exclamation points. I'm not surprised. He is an exclamation point kind of kid. If I were to take dictation from Matt, most of the sentences would end with exclamation points.

My children and their corresponding punctuation (and in one case, typeface)
Matt= ! for the above reasons.
Hayley= very small font for she is quiet and we have to ask her to speak up all the time.
Paul= ? because he is either asking us "What?" or we are asking him.
Jimmy= ... (ellipses) for he likes to leave out pertinent information and paraphrase information to suit his purposes
Katie= () because she includes way more information than is probably necessary.


Dennis said…
Did I open a Pandora's box? This is really fun except that I lead such a boring life I don't have much to write. I really love keeping up on the grand children. Thank you. Dad