Prom dress II--The Lining

Maybe I've seen too many movies, but my post titles have morphed from B-grade horror flicks to cheesy sequels. Although one could make a case that this title would also make a good B-movie horror title. Imagine the lining (the reincarnated revenge-minded soul of a girl who was mercilessly teased) turning deadly--slowly squeezing the prom queen to death as the dance wears on and no one believes her until it's too late. Then the lining detaches from the dress and goes after the chaperones and most of the cheerleader squad and the basketball team and assorted student council members until some chess club geek queen rips the lining apart with her heirloom silver seam ripper that she carries with her always.

So this is my sewing/foodstorage (although you can't see my food shelf and closet from this angle)/craft room. I also have pictures on the ledge to keep me company when I spend large amounts of time in here. The sewing machine is older than I am, sez my mom, but the machine and I love each other and can't bear to be separated. It's a workhorse of a machine and with no computer parts to go psycho on me, it's reliable and easy to fix. The machine also likes Kate; she can make it go when few others outside the family can (you have to push down on the pedal while simultaneously pushing in--very tricky).

Here is a very unmurderous dress lining. Doesn't look like much. But I assure you, the dress itself will be wondrous to behold.

Stay tuned for Prom Dress III: The Bobbin Runs Out.

Coming soon to a blog near you.

I can hardly wait.


Dennis said…
I love to read your blog. It really keeps me up-to-date on what's going on. By the way I plan to find something to do to entertain myself while driving my bus. Perhaps I'll take a few laps around the cul-de-sac and get the autistic kids dizzy.
Jen said…
How awesome for Katie to have you as a mom! I can attest to your sewing skills...ahem, my wedding dress. You are a fabuloso seamstress, and Katie looks like she's well on her way, too. I can't wait to see the final product.
micahp said…
I am glad to see sewing skills are a family tradition. I owe my skills to your mother! She was so patient with me, and took me to buy more fabric when I cut out two of the same side of a bias cut circular skirt. I still have a closet full of homemade prom dresses of my girls.
micahp said…
Ha - that last post was from Aunt Laurie. Although it is much funnier under Micah's name! I am at his home, using his computer.
My mom was mostly patient with me too, as far as sewing was concerned. And she let us use the sewing machine whenever we wanted to. It was a machine to be used, not feared. She never said, "Don't touch it!" Hopefully I have been the patient mom with Katie. And I plan to teach Hayley how to sew this summer.

And yes, I laughed to consider Micah actually posting that comment!