Saturday Evening Post

It's a lazy-daisy Saturday evening. What else is a person to do than to write a snippet on her own little corner of the world wide interwebby. And my little corner is kinda webby. But I don't feel like dusting the ceiling. I did sew today, though. I worked on Katie's babydoll pajamas costume for Grease. I'd make her do it, but alas, I couldn't find a pattern for these pajamas so I had to make up something and she isn't confident in the pattern-making-up arena. The pajamas are finished--they were actually quite simple. Do I have a picture? Nope. Too lazy to go get the camera to take a picture.

Next sewing project is a crinoline for Katie's Grease costume poodle skirt and prom dress. I'm making that up as well, because I'm too lazy and too cheap to buy a pattern for it. Luckily, I know how to sew a simple elasticized skirt and then I can just topstitch some gathered tulle around in two layers. Simple, no?

After that, I have a baby blanket and some burp towels to sew for a friend (Jerilyn, don't read this!). I got some totally cute flannel for the burp towels and really soft fabric for the blanket. Simple sewing project as well.

Then there is always my job as a seamstress for my sister-in-law, remaking jeans into maternity jeans.

And I have to sew a robe for myself. I have the pattern and the material, I just need the time.

So maybe I should get back to my sewing machines.


mastubz said…
Hi Sara - it is your Auntie! Since your dad is a blogger now, I found you. This will be a great way for all us'n to keep in touch. My new granddaughter was born on your mom's birthday. I need to send her a card!