Pretty picture

Since I don't have any events of interest to blog about (other than Jim went back to work today after taking a sick day yesterday, and I'm feeling much better. We'll see if Hayley is feeling better today--she's been down with a sore throat), I thought I'd post a random picture from my archives. Who knows? Maybe this will be an ongoing topic here at the shoebox castle.

I took this picture during my last trip to Florida, which was too long ago. I really need to go back for a visit with my sister. I get so much cross-stitching and sewing and other crafty things done when I visit her. Anyway, I was on a walk and spotted this plant (some sort of cabbage?). The colors were so interesting; I love the green/purple combo. When I take pictures of objects other than my kids, I go for color. I love bright colors, as any one who has been in the hall of my basement can attest--several picture of flowers line the wall. I also have my sunset picture on top of the computer desk, and on the wall over the desk is another frame holding 4 flower pictures. The colorful pictures brighten up these drab March days when it SHOULD be 50 degrees outside instead of 20 or 30.

It's been a pathetic spring break here, nothing but lying around in our sickbeds and going nowhere. I promised Matt and Hayley that tonight we'd go on a flashlight walk. We've done it once before and they loved it. We'll just walk around the neighborhood in the dark with our flashlights. I need to get out of the house, even if it's only around the block.


froggybaby said…
We are so looking at all the China pictures. How fun! We all get excited for a Katie sighting.