Featuring Jimmy

We haven't seen much of Jimmy or Matt yet on this blog. So today is Jimmy's turn. Maybe later this afternoon I'll post a picture of Matt.

Here's Jimmy. Little anecdote about this picture. One day in mid February, I picked up my camera for something. I looked through my picture files and found a dozen pictures of Jimmy that I know I hadn't taken. I now know that if I leave my phone or camera lying around, he'll take pictures of himself. And on my phone, he even set a picture of himself as my background. Does this mean he wants more parental love and attention? I'll have to shower him with hugs, I guess!
This is one of those pictures that I found on my camera. Notice the earbuds in his ears. Only when Jimmy is sleeping is he ever without the earbuds. Sometimes he removes one earbud so he can hear me yell at him for not listening. He apparently took this picture before some kind of activity involving dressing up (not church). I believe it was before a dance. Believe it or not, when it comes to dressing up, Jimmy can be a bit of a fashion bug. He insisted on the purchase of a black shirt and a pink tie for this type of formal occasion. He owns several colors of neckwear, but he prefers the pink when he wants to impress the ladies. And he does dance at these social gatherings. I like to ask him whom he dances with; always at least one dance with Jennifer and Brooke and then a few girls that he chooses randomly. He even caused a proud mommy moment when he said once, "I asked some girl to dance who looked like she was all by herself and hadn't danced at all the whole night." *sniff*