Revenge of the Easter Bunny

Good things come in Easter baskets, but too much of those good things is sometimes not a very good thing. Paul spent the better part of the morning offering up his Easter candy to the porcelain altar. Well, I don't know if it was for sure because he ate 30+ malted milk balls yesterday or not, but he isn't feeling very well right now. Poor guy. Tummyache notwithstanding, he's still the same old science-minded kid: he has been weighing himself after throwing up to see how much the upchucking is costing him, pounds-wise. He says he has lost 5 lbs. I'm making him sip liquids and so far, as of 1:20, it has been three hours since his last episode and he says he might be getting better. Hopefully, he can get some sleep too; he was awake pretty early this morning, feeling ill.

50 bonus points to all those who spotted the picture of Katie on the Great Wall of China at the band blog! I am so glad Sheri B (one of the chaperones) is sharing the band's experiences with the left-behind parents! All the worry about Katie being overseas in a very different country is lessened when I see the pictures of the kids enjoying themselves. Katie must be having a blast.

If the illness keeps up at our house (Hayley has a sore throat and is currently sleeping) we are sure to have a very quiet, non-exciting spring break. I guess I don't mind.