It's only Monday and I'm already tired

Today is going to be a crazy-daisy day (as opposed to Saturday's lazy-daisy-ness). I'm really supposed to be in the shower now so I can get to the elementary school to volunteer. Then Katie and I will go Prom dress pattern and fabric shopping (must remember to get some white yarn too), then I have to go grocery shopping, then make cornbread and fruit salad and then go to my brother's house (Jake's) for dinner tonight to celebrate a recent birthday (see March 13th entry). Jimmy has baseball tryouts after school too. Can I fall over in anticipation of much busy-ness?

We've dealt with a sicky boy this weekend: Matt. When I picked him up from school last Friday for an eye dr. appointment, he didn't talk much and looked a bit pale. In the waiting room, he was listless and still not talking much (which is definitely not normal). I felt his back and he was hot. So we told the dr's assistant that Matt wasn't feeling well and left without having his eyes checked. He's better now and he is going to school today, but it was quite the quiet weekend with Matt down for the count.