Jim found my camera

So I can post Easter pictures. Here are some teenagers going out to "hide" eggs (lob them into the snow).

Paul has a sizable basket of eggs to hide around the yard. He looks like he's going to use it for bicep curls.

A group of egg-hunters. Back row: Sophie McNurlin (my stepsister's daughter), Matt, Hayley.
Front row: Dylan Hawley (my brother Jake's son), and Sidney McNurlin.

Matt finds an egg. In the foreground you can see my niece Mimi's hat. You can see some of the pockmarks in the snow and some of the lighter eggs resting in the snow.

Hayley found that some eggs contained coins!

My brother Mike expounds on something (windmills, going off the grid, using used fry oil as fuel, practical jokes, hunting, fishing, ostrich meat, movie quotes, various dangerous escapades in his youth, endodontistry, using gum wrapper foil as graffiti...you pick a topic) while Jim helps himself to broccoli salad. We ran out of mashed potatoes (sorry, Mom. I came up one serving short while calculating amounts. I am ashamed), but really, there was PLENTY of food.

The only other event I didn't capture on film was the alleged 9-1-1 call. No one seems to have witnessed the call, but we did get a call from the sheriff's office claiming that there was such a call placed from my mom's phone number. Mike, who answered the phone (his exact words as he picked up the phone were: "Hola, digo." He thought the call was from our sister in Florida) assured the sheriff's office that there was no emergency and that whoever placed the call would be reprimanded. But no reprimand was forthcoming, since we could not determine which of the little kids was playing with the phone.