Several jobs well-done and a random picture

I finished almost everything on my list! I have yet to cut out my bathrobe, but I did ever'thang else. And Mom, I PROMISE I will sew my bathrobe soon. She bought the material for me for my birthday way back in December--how's that for laziness? Buy someone the basic elements for a present and have them put it together themselves? JUST KIDDING--don't bite your hand at me, Mom! But I kid my mom, although not nearly as much as my brothers do. Holy buckets, for someone we all feared as kids, my mom is surely not a very imposing figure now based on the mercilessness of my brothers' teasing. And for all she had to put up with from five willful children who didn't know or care to know how to behave, now she has to put up with the constant teasing. I won't go into what we tease her about because I'm the nicest child of the five. har.

I'm sure my children will never ever tease me. Ever.

ANYWAY. In other news, Katie comes home tomorrow. She's probably already started the trip home. I'll bet she's sad to have the China trip behind her. UPDATE: While I've been composing this post, Katie text-messaged me, asking if we can have Taco Bell for dinner when she gets home. She's sick of Chinese food.

I wish I had more to report, but sadly, as I have stated before, this has been a disappointing spring break.

Have a random picture of our cats, Tom Servo and Magic Marker:


froggybaby said…
Congrats on accomplishing goals. I'm all about lists and crossing things off lists. It makes me happy. The kitties are also very cute and snuggly. Maddie was impressed. Welcome home to Katie. I've loved looking at the pictures!!