To do today

I have hardly done anything productive this Spring Break! I blame it all on sickness. I had a bit of a return of the queasy stomach yesterday afternoon, so not much was accomplished yesterday besides cleaning out my bedroom closet and half-making the bed. I can't find the top sheet. How do you lose a queen-sized top sheet?

Today I resolve NOT to be sick so that I can complete a list of to-do items and feel like I did manage to not totally waste all this time at home with the kids. We didn't even do anything fun this spring break!

Anyway, here is my to-do list. Maybe if I publish it, I will be more motivated to get some of these things done. And you can see how really EXCITING my life is. These are not necessarily in order:

1. Find the top sheet for the bed and finish making it
2. Spend 15 minutes cleaning on my side of the bedroom so I can vacuum it
3. Vacuum my side of the bedroom
4. Fold laundry
5. Cut out bathrobe
6. Sew one pair of pants for sis-in-law
7. Prepare lunch
8. Make dinner
9. Make a job list for the kids

1. Found the top sheet. It had migrated to the boys' bed linens area of their closet and was enjoying the party too much to go back to my linen closet. Made the bed. I also scrubbed the kitchen sink, which was not on my list. Yay me!
2. Done. Now I have to find the vacuum. Better check the boys' closet to see if the vacuum was partying with my top sheet.
3. Done
4. Done
6. Done
7. Sort of done, in that I told all the kids that there were leftovers to heat up and I got the grapes out of the fridge.

For my own personal enjoyment, another random picture from the past:
An autumn leaf in Oregon last October. I took this at a rest stop somewhere in Oregon, while returning from a visit with Jim's mom and Larry in Idaho. We on our way back to Washington state to visit with our friends, Doug and Stacey. Jim and I enjoyed our trip to visit friends and family and we enjoyed traveling by ourselves, except for the speeding ticket.


Dennis said…
Who vacuums Jim's side? Paul?
I'm sure both of them would like that idea if only Jim would CLEAN HIS SIDE OF THE ROOM OCCASIONALLY. I would clean it for him (meaning: I would throw all of it away) but Jim wouldn't like that.
froggybaby said…
HA HA HA... Is my pillow case in their closet too? Now, I am on Spring Break and the "things" will start to get done. Hopefully there will be no sickie-poo.
froggybaby said…
on the last post, my word verification was "zjyni" which can actually be pronounce "jenni" and is a new alternate spelling.