Marching along

Today's events (just to get the family blog thing started):

Katie performed at Flute Festival today. Her flute teacher, Betty Olson, was there and after Katie did her two pieces, Mrs. Olson wouldn't tell her her score, but hinted that Katie should sleep well and maybe take comfort in the possibility of a second gold cup in flute performance. So Katie is pretty happy about possibly top marks.

Jimmy helped out at the bishop's storehouse this morning and is currently NOT out at the mall with his NOT-girlfriend from across the street and the not-girlfriend's big sister. Emily, the NOT girlfriend, and Jimmy hang out together quite a bit (last night she was over at our house to watch Tommy Boy) and text each other all the time. In other news, Jimmy is getting glasses next week.

Paul is sleeping after a long morning up at the U of M for a jazz band performance and master class. Paul is not excited about his Honor Band concert in a couple of weeks (different from jazz band) because he has to wear a tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, and black bow tie. I made him try it on and he scowled and resisted and absolutely REFUSED to let me take a picture of him. Silly teenage boy.

Hayley spends a lot of time at the library of late. She likes to read and check out books on drawing. She likes to walk to the library by herself since it's so close.

Matt is off to play with a friend. While we were at piano lessons this morning, Matt built an elaborate maze-like structure out of play blocks. He made up a game out of it, but I couldn't make heads or tails out of the rules of the game. All I know is that there is a sheep, a pig, a rooster and a man involved and points are given and represented by the blocks with letters on them. There is much unexplored territory in his brain.

I'm blogging and Jim is watching "Finding Neverland" with Katie, who has to write a report on it for her Children's Lit class.


Jen said…
Wow, there's always so much going on in your world. How does Jimmy's not-girlfriend feel about his getting glasses? He will be adorable, and I'm sure he'll love me saying that, too.
I got your email the other day. It's been quite hectic around here with both kids sick with several days of "feber" and missing several days of school. Such fun! I checked out the nordic band singer recommended. He's got some good stuff, but I don't know if I can betray my Swedish bands in favor of him:)