Gone to Korea

Joke told 'round the table recently:

Parent: What did you learn about in school today?

Child: Gone to Korea.

Parent: ??? What class was this in?

Child: Health class.

Think about it...

Anyway, we have a real live Gone to Korea child in our family, although right now, she's Gone to Canada and won't Gone to Korea for a few more hours.

Hayley started talking about studying abroad a year ago, pretty much since she got dropped off at BYU and started taking Korean. She's done all the work to make it happen. Applying to the program, applying for grants/scholarships, getting passport, getting visa, filling out all the paperworks that aren't applications, calling the bank, getting shots, amassing $$ to fund herself (working 2 jobs over the summer), buying plane tickets, getting a shuttle from airport to housing, and who knows what else (since she did it herself). Pretty much the only thing Jim helped her with (I'm no help) was assisting with printing her boarding passes.

And the time has come, the time is now, Hayley A Evans, will you please go now? (reference anyone? I'm pretty sure Jenni would recognize it)

She left yesterday, got to Vancouver, slept in the airport on her suitcase, and is now waiting to board the flight to Seoul.

I have butterflies, but I'm also excited for her. What fun! I hope she has much success and good times! Go Hayley!


TaterBean said…
When does she arrive?
Karie said…
Marvin K Mooney! We love Dr. Seuss. And lots of good wishes to Hayley on her adventure!