How can a week go by so fast?

OJ was here this past week. He and a roommate drove out from Idaho and they spent the week here knocking about Minnesota, seeing sites, enjoying being on vacation from school and work. But between everyone else's work schedules, it was tough to get everyone together in one place (including Katie). Hayley and Paul quit their jobs (because they both go back to school in a couple of days) but we never did get EVERYONE together in one place. The closest we got was all five of the children and two grandchildren and me at my mother's house. Jim and Christian were not there. Alas. I did manage to get some pictures though, which will have to suffice.

my mother, my children, my grandchilden, and the bonus kid

a four generation picture with my mom. FINALLY.

Cutest boy in the room. Sorry OJ, P, M, and bonus kid.

Cutest girl in the room. Sorry Mom, K, H and me.

Gigi and great granddaughter. She loves the babies!
 We'll try again for full family participation, although who knows when that will be. Christmastime, maybe? Hayley leaves for South Korea on Monday, Paul leaves for Utah on Wednesday, and OJ left for Idaho a couple hours ago.