A year of lasts

The baby of the family is a senior now. When I started this blog, he was a chubby-faced 9 year old in whatever grade 9 year olds are in--third? So now he's a senior, last one at home. The day after Labor day was our last day of the first day of public school. Last Friday was the last first football game any of our kids would march in. Pretty much anything related to school will be a last time. It's ok with me, but I can't help thinking all those years of raising naughty, loud, disobedient, and yet hilarious children went by pretty quickly.

Matt's last first marching band performance in pictures:
You have no idea which one he is, do you?

He's not on the ladder, directing. Think short, with a bunching of extra pant around his feet. 

It's obvious in this picture which one is  Matt.

Always making sure he's heard by the audience.
Jim and I were at the game and I was taking pictures right and left, hoping that one of them would have Matt in it, since at first I couldn't tell which one he was. Jim eventually suggested that we look for the one with sideburns and it worked. With Matt's dark hair, we could pick out (even sitting in the stands) his longish facial hair and correctly identify our offspring in a mass of uniformed and hatted trombone players. Sideburns--they do serve a purpose.

By the way, Prior Lake played Minnetonka (my alma mater) and I couldn't decided who I was rooting for. I ended up cheering for the good plays on either side. We left at halftime, since I don't really care that much about football. Tonka eventually won. Go Skippers!


TaterBean said…
Keep me posted on the next marching band performances. I want to go!
TaterBean said…
Keep me posted on the next marching band performances. I want to go!