I went from teenager to adult in the 80s. I formed my fashion foundation then, in the era of neon, petroleum-based fabrics, and BIG HAIR. It was glorious!

So imagine my glee when the directors of the community theater play said that we would be going with an 80s vibe in set decor, clothing, and HAIR. (Yes, I enjoy community theater, and especially being in it. This play is The Odd Couple--Female Version, and I play a sweet, thick-skulled Trivial Pursuit-playing character named Vera)

In order to achieve BIG HAIR, I had to not wash my hair the day of the play. Then I had to hair spray it, and curl it. I used a curling iron. Then I hair sprayed it again.
Pre-stylin' curls

Our stylist got my hair to STAND UP by ratting it. That is 6-8 inches of hair standing straight up on the top of my head.

Prior to getting into costume
volume is up to 11

Prior to my second scene

Is this not 80s? Prior to my third scene
I would do this everyday, but it's a lot of work and I have other things to do. I guess that's why I like community theater--I have a reason to put on way too much makeup and fuss for hours over my hair and neglect my household chores.


TaterBean said…
You obviously don't enjoy the 80's hair styles and clothes at all...