My three play costumes

Because I want to remember the fabulosity of my play costumes reflective of the early 1980s. They got progressively more outlandish.
I'm keeping the pants. They're comfortable and warm. The pants, shirt, and shoes were from the thrift store. Jewelry is from my personal collection. 

The Miami Beach t-shirt was all because in the previous scene, I had mentioned I was going to Miami Beach. So presumably, by the second act, I had returned and got myself a neat t-shirt. I'm keeping the t-shirt, which I purchased online. I made the pants, which I am keeping. Shoes and belt were from the thrift store, both of which I donated to Prior Lake Players. Headband from a craft store and donated to PLP. Jewelry again is my own.

People laughed when I came out on stage in this outfit. It was supposed to be NOT SEXY, because I complained that "Harry says I dress too sexy" and Olive replies that Harry is an unusual man. I made those metallic blue leggings. They are SWEET and I'm keeping them to wear forever. The skirt was too short in the back, but that's  my own fault since I sewed it as well. The cropped shirt was originally a long-sleeved, too-big shirt from the thrift store, which I then cut up. Both the skirt and the shirt went into the trash. The shoes were thrift store as well, but I LOVE THEM and will not part with them. Hair band, made by me. Jewelry again, my own. I got lots of compliments on my outfit from people who came to see the show.


TaterBean said…
Love the clothes! Sexiest outfit (blue one) of 2016!