Even a sprinkle would be nice

I'm waiting for it to rain. My garden is bone-dry.

Last year I didn't plant a garden because I wanted to get used to a new job. This year, I'm mostly used to it and I have been pretty good about getting up an hour or so before work (twice a week) to go out into the garden to pull weeds (I grow weeds mostly, but there are some beans and a few carrots).

I have a lot of purslane in my garden. And spurge. Purslane is apparently edible and actually quite nutritious. I am not sure I believe it. If it really is, then it wouldn't grow so freely and without high levels of maintenance on my part in my garden. Spurge, on the other hand, is said to be toxic, which accounts for its trying to take over my garden. Not only are spiders out to get me, but so are the plants.

The beans I planted are from seeds that have been sitting around the kitchen for two years. I didn't think they would sprout because they are kind of old, but I planted them anyway. I was happy to be proved wrong about them. They have come up, and most of them are big and burly, with a sprinkling of purple flowers (these will yield purple beans).

The carrots aren't so thick. Not very many came up. I don't know why, but I do have enough to hope that they will attract black swallowtail butterflies. Normally I don't like finding caterpillars in my garden, but I will gladly make an exception for the black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. And I will gladly scoop them up into a jar and feed them hand-picked carrot fronds until the caterpillars turn into chrysalises. So there is some hope for that. (And I like the actual carrots too)

If only it would rain.

Yes, I could water it with my garden hose, but I would rather we got a gully-washer from the sky.



Jenni said…
I wish you had rain. I want your garden to grow. At this very moment, we are having one of our afternoon downpours with lots of lightning and thunder. Roz walked outside and the lightning cracked and scared the daylights out of her. My wish is that you get more rain.
Jen said…
Yes, we all need rain! Let's do a rain dance together. Your garden sounds prosperous. We got a few things out of ours this year, but we definitely need to spray and till the heck out of it before next year. Our beans or carrots did not come up at all:( Beans usually seem to be like weeds themselves, so I was quite surprised we got nuttin'. I have high hopes for next now that we've got most of the farm renovations/additions done and can focus on a successful garden.

P.S. I'm impressed that you will get up early enough before work to weed. Weeding is my least favorite job and will certainly not entice me to get up early to do it.