This was Hayley 2 years and 3 months ago:
And this is Hayley today:
Lots has changed about this girl since April of 2010. For one thing, she acquired (made) toast earrings. Her hair is also styled and colored differently. Makeup has been copiously applied where none had been previously. But most importantly, BRACES HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

She still has some metal on six bottom teeth, but those will come off next week.

This was the white board at the ortho office: 

Hayley said, "My name is the biggest. But it's spelled wrong."

Also, if that were a computer font, I would not download it. It's too messy and unbalanced. And the H is weird. It almost looks like they wrote Flaley instead of Hayley. I could have done a much better job, seriously. But I do appreciate the sentiment. And the partial smiley face in the upper right corner. And the flower. I like flowers. I also like rhyming, so the board isn't entirely irritating, what with the misspelling and messy writing.

So one more kid done with metal in the mouth. That leaves just Matt.

Matt's date with braces is still about 9 months off, provided he can lose a few more baby teeth.


Jake and Steph said…
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, toast earrings. I think you're missing the boat on "Flaley". What a great opportunity to have a nickname to use when being sarcastic. Save all the endearing nicknames you've worked so hard over the years to develop. One has just fallen into your lap that you get to use whenever you wanna poke fun. Flaley, I'm gonna use it. Could come in handy in a poem, too. But yes, the font was reprehensible. I may have erased it in protest. Nice smile, Hayley!
Jen said…
Hooray! I can't believe how different Hayley is looking from picture to the next. She has really come into her own and is looking beautiful with her new straight teeth! Now about all that jewelry, her creative fountain just doesn't seem to stop flowing, does it?
Jenni said…
So much growing up in two years. Did it hurt? Flayley looks great. WEAR YOUR RETAINERS!!! It is such a great feeling to be out of braces (from the parent's perspective).
Mike said…
Is that the same font where they spell 'congress' with two 'ffs' like in MST3K?