New record

It rained last night, so both the garden and lawn have had a good, thorough watering. Matt's homemade rain gauge registered over two inches of water just overnight. In other garden news, I have baby purple beans on some of the plants!

So the record:
With Kate, EJ, and Paul gone, Hayley away at girls' camp and Matt at a friend's house for an overnighter last night, this marks the first time EVER in the Evans household that a batch of chocolate chip cookies, make by Jim on Sunday evening, has lasted until TUESDAY evening--and there are still cookies left!

Cookies! Cookies for dinner!


Jake and Steph said…
I think that shows some great restraint on your parts not to just eat all the cookies yourselves. I mean really, SOMEONE is going to have to eat all the cookies. Even if I have to drive over there myself! Do yourself a favor, eat the cookies. I hate to see cookies eaten at a point past the pinnacle of flavor & texture
Dennis said…
I like milk and cookies (said in cookie monster voice).
Jenni said…
I'm grateful that your garden got its much needed rain. I hope you are enjoying your quiet household. And, for crying out loud, eat the cookies!! But I know what you mean by them lasting so long. weird.
Jen said…
Wait a second! You had all that rain and didn't send any our way. For shame! Even with only me in the house, there is no way that batch of cookies would've lasted more than a few hours.