Knitting and smelling

Recently I attended a bridal shower in which the theme was kitchen gadgets. I bought my gadget, a pizza cutter, and was attempting to wrap it in a somewhat cutesy fashion. I put it in a little gift bag, but it rattled around in the bag and I was afraid it was going to rip open several large and unsightly holes, rendering the act of gift-wrapping moot. So I grabbed some tissue paper to pad around the pizza cutter, and then in the act of getting distracted from the task at hand, I lost the tissue paper. I could not find where I had put it no matter how carefully I looked. Uttering several loud GRRRRRRRRRs, I cast about for something else to pad the gift with and I hit upon some dishcloths I had knitted in years' past and stuck two of them in the bag to cushion the pizza cutter. Knitted dishcloths=double duty: padding and washing!

The dishcloths were well-received at the shower, and one lady came up to me and said, "It was my birthday recently, why didn't you give me dishcloths as a present?" And then she paused and said, "Oh yeah, I said no gifts, didn't I?" I just smiled.

So I'm knitting more dishcloths in case I run into any more showers or birthdays where people specify "No gifts."

So last night I was knitting a very lovely white/green/yellow dishcloth. Cute shell pattern. As I was sitting and knitting, I noticed a smell, a very heavy loud smell. It was like Lemon Pledge had been sprayed up my nostrils.

I wondered who had been dusting. I then wondered who had bought Lemon Pledge because I haven't had that in the house for years (we use Swiffer dusters when we actually get around to wiping surfaces that collect dust). The smell would not go away.

So I went downstairs to knit and watch TV. But the smell wouldn't go away. I asked Jim about it. He couldn't smell anything. Matt didn't either. I couldn't understand why they didn't smell it; it was practically visible.

Then I smelled the dishcloth. Bingo! Then I looked at the yarn packaging. Right there on the label was a circle that said, "Scents, Parfums, Olores."

WHY DOES YARN NEED TO BE SCENTED? I understand scented markers (well, no I don't). I understand the idea of the scratch and sniff stickers. But this dishcloth is going to be wiping spaghetti sauce off of dinner plates. It doesn't need to smell like Lemon Pledge! People might think you've dusted your dinnerware rather than washed it.

Anyway, I was glad the mystery was solved because it was bugging me not knowing where that smell was coming from. Here is a picture of the offending article (sans the odor).
shell patterned yellow green white dishcloth with LEMON SCENT


Jen said…
What a good idea! The gift recipient gets an extra gift not knowing you really only used it for padding. That was kind of weird that someone would ask why you didn't knit something as a gift for their birthday. Knowing how long it takes to do those things I would never expect someone to knit something for me.

I honestly don't think I would care for scented yarn. It is an odd thing to decide as a company to scent your yarn. I think scents are personal, too. Some people prefer lemon/citrus scents (like me) and then there are those who are vanilla scent lovers (those people should be given a lesson on what is proper scent adoration which is almost any scent except vanilla...ish...just getting a headache thinking about vanilla-scented rubbish).
Jenni said…
I love that pattern. I don't have that one and would like a copy of it. I have been knitting dishcloths/hot pads too, but none of them smell. It is funny that you thought you were getting away from it and it followed you!!

I admit, I am with Jenny - love the citrus smells; HATE the vanilla smell. (Except when it is actual vanilla.)

I like the colors, too.
Jenni--the pattern for that dishcloth is found here:
Karie said…
Ha! You should post that for sale, with that exact description, on etsy and see how many takers you get. I think you'd be surprised. :D (Maybe you could do it through Marjory if you don't want to set up your own shop? Just spitballing here.)
Jake and Steph said…
actually, Sara, I can smell it. Does it make you want to lick the dishcloth? I can see a commercial for these dishcloths. There will be the quintessential (sp?) cleaning product commerical lady. You know the one, tall, lean, spotless house, and she is soooooo happy to be cleaning. On second thought, if the newly scented dishcloth would make her even happier, I think you should keep it for yourself. Jake