I don't really have anything to post about, but I feel like sitting at my computer and tapping on keys for a few minutes.

Hayley and I are the only ones home for a few days. Jim took Matt up to scout camp and will be there into next week. So it's just me and my little girl.

Hayley and I went to Mom's to mow her lawn. I came home with peaches. (Dave, if you ever read this blog, know that I have your half box of peaches. You have a week to claim them.) It used to be strange to go Mom's for a visit with my little kids in tow, and Mom without her children. Now I find myself over at her house with very few of my own children. I'm moving toward that phase of life that I thought was strange to see my mother in: the empty nest.

Last night Jim and I went to see The Avengers. As far as movies go, it was fairly predictable, except for when two of the good guys fought each other and left the bad guy to sit by and watch. I thought that was a nice twist. I liked it though because I thought it was funny. Too bad no one else in the theater did. I laughed like a maniac several times, and I felt like I was performing a solo laugh routine. No one else even moved--I could tell because Jim and I sat in the very back and we could see every single person. What a bunch of stiffs.

I can't stop thinking about Boiling Springs. I think one of these evenings, I'm going to drag Jim out there and finish searching along the west branch of the trail.

EJ has asked for pictures of Lemmy. Not pictures of his mother and father who have loved and cared for him for many years, or any of his siblings who have been playmates and buddies, but of a lizard that is barely cognizant of the presence of human beings.

Speaking of Lemmy, I guess I had better feed him. Matt's not here to do it. I hate crickets. They jump in unpredictable directions and heights.

And....I'm done.


Jenni said…
I liked in the Avengers when the Hulk took Loki and smashed him back and forth. We laughed a lot, knowing that no one was harmed in the filming. Enjoy your quiet week!! I wish I had them peaches.
Jen said…
We laughed a lot at Avengers, too. And I do think I recall times when I thought, "Was that not supposed to be funny since I was the only one laughing?" People are less and less funny these days. Enjoy your time alone with Hayley. I'm sure in all the years you can't remember a time when that happened. Or maybe you can. Either way, have a fun girls only week.
Mike said…
Just read your post on EJGTTJ, thats pretty cool that he got to help with 'Temple Prep' (isnt that a class?). Also, I too liked the avengers. Had some peaches last night that Jake and Steph brought in, yum.