Matty Point

Scout camp looks fun. Jim took a few pictures during his short stay at Many Point with Matt, and I wish YW camp when I was a teenager was more like scout camp. In fact, I wish YW camp NOW was more like scout camp.

Matt makes his wilderness survival shelter

He has to sleep in this shelter for one night.
 Granted, I might not want to sleep out in a shelter I made myself unless I was able to make it spider-proof, but I would love to have had to MAKE a shelter at camp. Sticks and I got along pretty well when I was a kid. My mom always said kids don't need toys, all they need are sticks and dirt and they'll have plenty of fun.

Matt gets ready to kayak
I suppose I didn't need scout camp to tool around on a lake in a small paddle-powered watercraft. Julie, Jenni and I went out in mom's canoe on Lake Minnewashta plenty of times so I do feel I fulfilled the "spend time paddling around a body of water" aspect of scouting.

There are more adventures to hear about when Matt gets home on Saturday.

OH and yes, KATE IS ENGAGED! No details beyond there is an actual ring that has been on her actual finger (although at the moment it is getting sized), she has bought Christian's ring, and they are thinking sometime in April in Utah for the wedding, with a reception in MN sometime in early May. I am ramping up to be totally discombobulated at that time. Graduation parties are old hat for me; weddings are far and away more burdensome and I have no idea how to approach preparing for this event. I am very grateful that I will not be having to do both within months of each other.


Jake and Steph said…
Sara, we heard about Katie's engagement whilst @ Mike & Jen's. As Jen S. would say (as well as her daughters), "Totes exciting!" Mike & I just did some reminiscing about Many Point. One year we had a young Jewish boy join our troop because his troop didn't attend, but he still wanted to. He was brought to our site, introduced, and his teddy bear was then immediately strung up the flagpole. It stayed there for the week. When the kid left, he hugged us all and told us it was the most fun he'd ever had. I think he also ditched the teddy bear.
Jen said…
I think every boy and girl should have a scout camp experience. There is so much to learn out in the wilderness and without technology. Looks like Matt enjoyed himself and learned a lot.

I'm still blown away and very excited about the engagement news. I really hope we can attend.