Can you stand more wedding pictures?

I can.

These were all taken by Jen of hawleyfocus (with the possible exception of the very last one). We like her photography skillz. We also like her.

Under the olive tree


Bride and bridesmaids

Boys don't like to watch kissing

The wedding party male contingent looking very manly

He couldn't stop kissing her--and right in front of her parents! And his!

Very happy!

A bunch of people who showed up


These are lovely pictures. Your kids all look so big now. Congratulations to all of you!!
Jen said…
I like you guys, too;) Thanks for posting some of these. Of course, I cringed when you posted the 2nd one because it looks like I don't know how to take a photo to save my I swear the intention is eventually crop it one long rectangle with just the bouquets. Can't wait to see what the "other" guy comes up with.
Jen said…
P.S. I'm guessing the lack of comments here means that nobody likes the pictures I took. J/K. Maybe.
Jen, It ain't your pictures. I think you are the only one who reads this blog anymore. (I'm resisting the urge to go into a No-one-likes-me pity party)

I like your pictures, which is why I had you take them.
TaterBean said…
I love these pictures!! I want to frame all of them (including the ones up on flickr)! But we don't have enough shelf space for a billion framed pictures.
TaterBean said…
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