The story of the pants

This is a story from the wedding. It is 100% true. Most of you have probably heard the story, but I'm going to tell it anyway.

Sunday morning of our Utah trip was spent slowly getting ready for church. Daylight Savings had kicked in so we were up early with plenty of time to spare before we had to head over to the Tanner Building on BYU campus for Paul's ordination in his priesthood class. 

As we were getting ready, Jim grabbed the suit bag for the suit he brought, which he was going to wear both to church and to the wedding and reception. He bought the suit a few months before and had the pants tailored to fit. He unzipped the suitbag and eased the suit coat out. Then he reached in for the suit pants.

But he couldn't find them. 

"I think I left my pants in Minnesota," he said with a perplexed look on his face. He was so sure he had packed them. 

No suit pants anywhere. All he could find were jeans. We still had an hour before we had to be at the church and fortunately Jim doesn't take too long with makeup and hair styling. He determined that he would have to find somewhere that was open (not many department stores are open on Sunday morning in Provo) to buy dress pants. He would wait until later to go to the department store that sold him his suit for the pants that went with the suit jacket. 

He came back a little while later with dress pants and the ordination went as planned. 

Afterwards, he went to the department store and bought matching suit pants. Thank goodness they had his suit in stock. He had to wait until Monday to get the pants hemmed up (I could have done it, but that still would have meant going to a fabric store for thread and a needle and I didn't have much time for piddling around with hemming pants). 

Monday he found a tailor shop and spent 15 minutes getting his pants hemmed up.

The wedding went on and Jim looked dashing in his suit with the second pair of pants. 

You can't see Jim's pants much in this picture, but a story like this has to have at least one picture in it. So I chose this one.
Then on Wednesday, we had to pack. The wedding was done, the couple went off to live life in wedded bliss, and the cake had been eaten (except Mom didn't get a piece. She twice tried, but somehow hers kept getting taken away by unknown persons) so it was time to head home.

Jim packed his suit pants. And then he found a second pair of suit pants on the floor of the motel closet. He hadn't left them behind in MN after all.

I think he pulled a fast one on me somehow, just so he could buy more pants.

One more picture for good measure:

My babies

Thanks to Jen H for the pictures.


Jenni said…
That would be a good idea to try with shoes! That is so funny, though. We all do things like that and it is so frustrating.

The pictures were amazing. The colors were gorgeous and the people were heavenly!!
Jen said…
Thought I had already commented...sorry. Can't believe Jim had the pants the whole time. Oh well, he got a 2nd pair out of the deal. I'm so glad I could be part of the wedding events for Katie and Christian. I pray for a long happy marriage for them.