I had a dental breakdown

Stupid tooth #15. It broke today while I was eating dinner. A split second before it gave way, I had a flash of foresight: "Your tooth is going to break...right......NOW." And then it did.

I knew it was coming. The tooth has been whining for nearly two years. Cold beverages irritated it, and just last Christmas Eve, I believe the final spiral descent into breakage happened when I chewed a tasty mushroom. Why a mushroom and not when I chew ice (Mike has told me in a superior voice that I deserve a broken tooth for chewing ice)? I don't know.

Want to see the chip? Ignore the chapped hands in the picture.
It's a pretty significant portion--pretty much the entire mesial buccal (or MB as we like to say in the dental biz) cusp--of #15.

The 25-year-old amalgam filling in that tooth is still in the tooth, but I wonder if that will have to be taken out when I get the tooth crowned?

NOTICE: Incoming whine. Mike, don't read this.

It feels funny now.
I'm afraid to touch it with my tongue.
I'm afraid to eat.
Mike told me to touch it with ice but I didn't want to.
I don't want to talk or open my mouth in any way.
I've been carrying around the chip with me (but I did not take it to the store)
I wonder if I could superglue the chip back in and then everything would be back to normal. Right?
It felt just like those awful dreams where all my teeth fall out. I hate those dreams.
I wish this was a dream

I wonder if the tooth fairy would give anything for it?


Jen said…
Owie! Too bad it didn't Break when you were in the office because Mike could have at least put a temporary in for you. Bummer! I hope you can get it taken care of quickly.

P.S. I like chewing ice, too. Sonic has the best chewing ice ever. I wish I had that kind of ice machine hooked up to my freezer so I could chew it all the live-long day.
Jenni said…
I know people who have had industrial ice makers installed in their homes!!

My condolences on your tooth. I just got a new crown and it took 6 weeks and 3 crowns to make the dentist happy. I hope a quicker outcome for you. I'm sorry for the horror you have had to go through. I, too, have had those dreams and the real life version is unthinkable.