Valentine game (Rated AIACRODS for Adults in a Committed Relationship or Dating Seriously)

Some of you might know about my traditional Valentine's day treasure hunts for my kids.

This is definitely not that. This is for people who kiss each other a lot, for example, married people. I do not want my children (except the one who is married) playing this game.

This is an idea I have had in my head for a few days, one that I shared with someone recently.

I told this someone that first you get 3 dice. They don't have to be matching. Heck, you can even use those ridiculous 20-sided ones if you choose, although I would recommend that two of the three be the regular 6-sided ones. Steal them from the Yahtzee game you have lying around. Don't have a Yahtzee game???? What? Every household needs a Yahtzee game! Go get one!

One of the dice will remain as it is (if you have a 20 sided one, that will be the one that will remain untouched).

Get a pen and some paper. I'm using pink and purple cardstock just because it was the first paper I found.

Cut out 12 squares that are the same size as the faces of your dice. Do not spend too much time making everything perfect.

Shoebox Princess's motto #154:  Nothing will ever be PERFECT. If it is going to take too much time and effort to be even close to PERFECT, go ahead and settle for GOOD ENOUGH. Please. 

Besides, if you are a female making these dice and you are going to play the game with a man, he will not care what the dice look like.

OK, now that I have that out of my system, we can go back to the dice.

On six of the little squares of paper, write very tiny but neatly 6 different body parts. I'm going to do Lips, Forehead, Elbow, Neck, Hand, Your choice (which I know is not a body part, but I like the option)

Glue, tape, or otherwise adhere by some means each little square to a face of the dice. I'm using double-sided tape.

With the other six squares, write an adverb on each square. I will write Passionately, Gently, Ticklishly, Chastely, Not chastely, Creatively. You can choose your own of course.

Again, glue, tape, or otherwise adhere to the six faces of the third dice.

Now you are ready to play the game. It's called "How shall I kiss you?"

The kisser rolls all three dice.

Then fills in the blanks of this sentence using the results of his or her roll "I will kiss you _____ (number on the unaltered die) times on the ______ (body part on the second die) ________ (the adverb on the third die).

So my roll of this:

would be "I will kiss you four times on the hand ticklishly" and then the kisser follows the directions.

Take turns until...well, whenever you choose to do something else.


Jen said…
Love it! This is one game I think Mike would actually enjoy playing with me. His version may not be family friendly