Mattching band and some other things

I don't think I posted pics of Matt actually in his marching band uniform.  At least not on this blog.  I must rectify this.

7 or 6 trombones led the big parade

Here is our trombonist!

There. Pictures of Matt, in his marching band uniform, playing his instrument or marching. I'm done here.

Oh wait, not quite. I'm done with Marching Band for this year, but not done with yammering on about my precious charming little children.

I saw a quote on Matt's facebook page--said by Matt himself--that either makes me want to give him a good pounding with a broom, or laugh myself silly. He said "the pro to having twins is that when a guy is trying to steal one baby, you can beat him with the other." Have I said before that he strikes me as kinda weird? Hayley came home from school one afternoon, and the first thing she said to me is: "My friends are telling me things about Matt. Like they are glad he's in Robotics because he's SO funny." (She said this in an accusatory tone)  Oh, the trials and adversity one has to suffer when the younger brother is...gasp and woe...somewhat of a wit. POOR HAYLEY.

Also, Hayley was drawing last night, and she mentioned that one of her nice pens ran out of ink. Then she said, "That might be an idea for a Christmas present, mother."

I said, "Give me the pen."

She said, "What are you going to do with it?"

I said I was going to keep it for future reference.

She said, "What? Are you going to tape it to the wall?" I have no idea why she would think I would tape it to the wall. But....

I replied "Excellent idea." And I did. So now I have a pen taped to the wall in my bedroom to remind her to ask Santa for some artsy pens for Christmas. Jim hasn't mentioned it yet. I don't know if he's even noticed it. 

There. Now I'm done.


Jenni said…
So that is why you have a pen taped to your wall!! I like the marching band pictures. It is all tons of fun and very proud moments to see kids involved in decent things.

It is nice that our kids are witty. The kids voted for senior superlatives yesterday, and for "Wittiest" they were voting for a girl who is just vulgar. I had to explain what true "wit" really was. Many of them changed their response!! When kids are truly funny and witty, it is so nice.