Ten things about October 14

1. My mother has complained about me not updating. She is sick of looking at Matt in the tree and all those apples. So here you are, Mother.
2. I hear things while in the shower. Bumps and thumps and noises that I don't hear when I am not showering. I don't know if I'm more paranoid when wet or if we have a poltergeist that gets rowdy only when the house has one occupant who is in the bathroom.
3. Also the cats have taken to following me around constantly. They waited outside the bathroom door while I was showering, and right now, they are sitting in the living room looking at me. It's creeping me out.
4. Happy birthday to Matt.
5. I have a TARDIS cake to finish (TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space and I am thinking of calling this cake a TARDIC--Time and Relative Dimension in Cake. Har)
6. I'm worried about getting the correct color of blue for the TARDIC. Apparently Doctor Who fans are rabid about the correct color of the TARDIS. There is even a Pantone color that is THE blue--2955C which is BBC approved.
7. Matt is 15.
8. 15!!!!!
9. My baby!
10. A recent picture of Matt:


Jen said…
You snarky one, you! All your poor mother asks for is some blog action, and you can't help but be your old teenager self...lol. Your cats crack me up, those little stackers. There were the two largest cats I've ever seen at the shelter today. I was tempted to get one or both of them just so I could brag about my record sized cats. But then what would I do with them?