Family birthday celebrations are getting smaller and smaller. It was weird. Matt had his requested birthday dinner of taco salad, blue and green jello, and strawberries with just Jim and me. Hayley was at work. And the rest of the kids...well, who knows where they were! They all chimed in as much as they could though. Both Elders sent emails wishing little brother a happy birthday, and Mrs. McCall (that is still weird to say!) sent appropriate electronic greetings as well.

Behold, the birthday TARDIC:

Color is close enough, although it looks lighter than it does in real life.

Either he's a hipster, or he's cold.

Matt and cake

candle duty
So there you go. Matt turned 15.

Today he came home with a smallish box. He said as he opened it to show me what was inside, "This is my assignment for the Halloween dance at school. As a member of the Robotics team, I have to help and they told me I was in charge of these." He opened the box. Tarot cards. (Zombie tarot cards to be exact)


Some older kid is going to show him how to do it, and then he will do Tarot cards at the Halloween dance. I laughed some more and told him, "Have fun with that!"  He rolled his eyes.

Maybe we should all go to this Halloween dance at the school and have our tarot cards read by a short, sarcastic, hipster 15 year old.


Jen said…
Happy Mattmas, Matt! The cake turned out awesome. I'm always impressed by your cake skills. It does seem strange to think of Matt celebrating with only the parents. Times sure do change. Zombie tarot cards? That seems like an oxymoron. I'll be interested to hear more about it.