And the band played on

The second to last high school indoor marching band concert that we will attend as band parents was November 9. Our lone public school attendee, Matt, was decked out in his marching band finest (new uniforms this year!) for the show.

 First, some perspective:Matt got his trombone just six years ago, in 2009.


Nope, try again.

He can't figure out how to hold it.

This is foreshadowing. Seriously, most of the pictures I take of Matt playing his trombone end up looking like this.
And now, the pictures from his recent band concert:
We were close enough to him that he saw me wave at him and was instantly ashamed. Then he put on his stony face and refused to acknowledge my presence at the concert. Ingrate!

L A....K E....RS.....Lakers, Lakers, we are the LAKERS! chant

Bell face. See? No matter where I sit or stand, he has that trombone bell and his music in between my camera lens and his face. It's almost like he does it on purpose.

Can you see him in the top row for the yearbook picture? Hint: He's the Shorty McShortshort trombonist. 

One more thing, this was one of those concerts that I knew was coming but wasn't sure of the date. So Monday morning, on the 9th, Matt said, "Oh yeah, I have a band concert tonight." Sigh. I was trying so hard to be on top of band concerts, but I guess we're off to a bad start. At least Jim and I were free that evening.