My house will be certified organic sometime in early December! No, I'm not removing pesticides. I'm getting an organ!

My mom taught me piano, most of the time not formally. I did go to a piano teacher for a couple years when I was 14-15, but I already knew the basics and was playing songs here and there. Then my mom got called to be the organist for our congregation, even though she had no experience (hello Mormonism). She tried to get me to play the organ and I had NO interest. I rolled my eyes AND threw my head back in exasperation.

Then when I was 36, I was called to be the organist in our congregation even though I have had no experience and never wanted any experience (hello, still Mormonism). But God had other plans. And He knew I would like it once I got over not knowing how to play it. I love playing Christmas hymns especially. "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" with the chimes, especially especially.

I did take organ lessons for a year as part of an independent study college course and I can't say I'm any great shakes at playing the organ even though I took the class, but at least I'm not afraid of it anymore. I can play for a congregation and not hang my head in shame after the hymn is done. I am used to having my mistakes broadcast to the whole chapel. They sing anyway.

So my mother has an organ. I enjoyed using hers to practice, and she enjoyed sharing new songs she learned by playing the for me. But mother is getting old and has recently been released from playing for her congregation.

As much as I am happy about getting her organ, I am sad that she won't be playing it. She used to practice hymns and her husband (my stepdad) enjoyed it too. When he got really sick near the end of his life, he would shout out hymn requests from his sickbed for her to play.

As much as I am sad about Mom giving up something she enjoyed, I am happy that I will get to have an instrument to practice on in my own home. Also, Katie will be able to practice at my house instead of having to go to the church building. I can watch Jackson while she plays. And that will be the best part. More Jackson.