Still crazy after all these years

I don't get poetry or most song lyrics. I try to deconstruct them, but what I infer from each individual line or thought in lyrics doesn't seem to ever coalesce into one theme. (Except for the song "I Wanna Hold your Hand." I think I've got that one figured out)

Take my post title. I was casting about for a good line to use as a header for a post about being married a while, and this line "Still crazy after all these years" popped into my head. (don't judge. Paul Simon was a major contributor to my early teenage years. Hello, "One Trick Pony" and "Slip Sliding Away," which was my first introduction to music other than what my mom had in her record collection and never played--fodder for another post).

So I thought I would look up the lyrics for this song to see if it applied. Hmmm, not so much (look them up yourself). The individual line applies, ya know, still crazy (for each other, in love, googly-eyes, etc) after all these years, but otherwise, No on the meeting old lovers, drinking beer, watching cars go by and not being convicted for possibly doing something rash. I have no idea what ol' Paulie Simon was talking about. He misses his old lover but is too lazy/crazy to do anything about it? He doesn't like her and is still crazy? He's an introvert that occasionally goes outside to wander the streets? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!

(This was supposed to be a post on being married happily for 27 years, but I got sidetracked by Paul Simon) (Happy anniversay to my only squeeze!) (I love you!) (I wanna hold your hand!)