Como conservatory

First big crossing off of something on my celebrating 50th year list: going to the Como Park Conservatory. It's a gloomy, foggy, misty Saturday in Minnesota, but the conservatory was a day brightener. The tropics room was nice and warm too.

Before we went to the conservatory, Jim picked out a cafe for breakfast (which turned out to be more of a brunch because we got there at around 11), Key's Cafe. Jim had a Mexican omelet and I had Eggs Benedict with a side of avocado. The place was packed. While we waited, the staff put out samples to keep us happy. I had a delicious bite of cinnamon roll, and Jim tried the gingersnap cookie bite that was offered. The food was good, but they forgot my avocado and we had to remind them. But it was still good.

Then we had only a mile or so from the cafe to the park. I had gone on field trips in elementary school to the Como conservatory, so the place has changed. Lots more has been added. But the part I remember is smaller that it was last time I was there (or I'm bigger). Anyway, the plants are gorgeous as expected. It was nice to walk around and see so much green during a gloomy winter day.

turtles in the tropical room

There was a sloth up in one of the tropical room trees! No cage. I think he was being watched over by some park employees. But really, he was very close to us.

little yellow bird

this looks like leaves on leaves

these paperwhites filled up the sunken garden with their aroma

I love the cyclamen! The leaves have such interesting patterns on them.

I have no idea what this is, but it was eye-catchingly bright orange

Lady's slipper orchid

And that was only a small sampling of the vegetation we saw. Our trip wasn't too long, but it was worth it, at least for me. If I don't cross things off a list, I don't do anything. I have a hard time doing anything spontaneously because I'd rather just stay home. My 50th year celebration list is getting me out of the house. Besides, I saw some of the women's march protesters waiting for buses to take them to St Paul for the Trump protest. I wanted to wave to them all and go march with them, but we had this trip planned already. Anyway, my heart was lifted to see the pink hats out in force! Maybe I should add attend a protest or a rally to my 50th year list.