Matt doing things

Matt has been busy with school and robotics. For not seeing a lot of him, I was able to take lots of pictures.
Here Matt is working on a project for "A Tale of  Two Cities" for English class. It's a guillotine made of yarn. A most ineffective guillotine, if you ask me.

The finished guillotine. He says there is symbolism in the use of yarn and the colors of the yarn. It looks like a dream catcher. He got 28 out of 30 on his presentation, and apparently the teacher said he's good at BSing. I asked him why the teacher said that and he explained that his project broke during the presentation and he found a way to incorporate the breakage into his symbolism explanation. 

Matt poses for the camera before his band concert

the pre-band concert grimace

You can never get a good picture of a short trombonist. You can only see half his head. 

The Wind Ensemble plays "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas." This is either the third or fourth time I've heard this played at t a PLHS band concert. Usually they have a kid dress up as Elvis and I was hoping Matt would be such an Elvis, what with his ability to form an Elvis pompadour with his hair, but they did a Power Point instead.  

Matt and a friend did offer a celebratory toast during the song (Matt borrowed stemmed glassware from our house for this)

And now we move on to Robotics. Matt's natural habitat, the Cave.

He is wearing his safety glasses this time (the one time he didn't wear safety glasses, he had to go to Urgent Care for the removal of a small piece of metal debris from his eyeball. It happened last week)

Working on the competition bot. Notice that it is painted red. He pointed that out. 
He's graduating from high school at the end of the school year, and I'm both excited for him and sad for myself.


TaterBean said…
Yay for Matt doing things!