January picture dump

It's quiet again after the college kiddies left. Big news, Hayley is engaged! She has grown up quite a bit capability-wise since she left for college, but it's still weird to have many years of memories of a little girl coalesce into an adult that is independent and different that what you might have thought she was going to be. Anyway, we like Austin a lot and they seem to be happy together. (We also knew it was coming)

Hayley is bleaching Katie's hair in prep for Katie eventually dying some of her hair purple. I like seeing my children do things together.

Sleeping Emma

Sleeping Jackson

Sleeping Granddaddy, sleeping Emma, and sleeping Jackson

The work-in-progress stage of my Tom Servo ornament. I have since finished cross-stitching it, but I guess I didn't take a picture.


Mittens I finished knitting

Grandchildren in the kitchen

Sleepy Emma

Magic is trying to tell me to give him more food.

He looks like he's pouting.


TaterBean said…
I like the sleeping kids and grandad picture!! And the Magic pictures!