I can't drive 55

The title of a familiar song to Jim and me, which I did not use on Jim's birthday cake. I'm kinda done doing all out, fancy schmancy, detailed cakes anyway since I've done them for so long. I think the first one was a Batman cake for Paul when he was 3 or 4. And now he's in his 20s. But now that I think of it, I do have one more detailed cake to do: Matt's grad cake. Oh and Hayley's wedding cake(s).

I went easy on myself for Jim's cake. Boxed mix, which I like better than homemade anyway, and Katie had given us some leftover buttercream frosting, enough to frost a cake and do minimal decorations on it. So when I sat down to decorate Jim's cake, I had to come up with an idea that was 1)easy, 2)special for Jim, 3)doable in one color because I wasn't going to mess around with multiple colors, and 4)no fondant.

I toyed with the idea of writing the lyrics to The Beatles' You Say It's Your Birthday, but I ditched that in favor of writing random lines from our favorite Beatles movie (and one of our top 5 all around favorite movies) A Hard Day's Night. We've watched this movie many times over and we never tire of it. It's light on plot, being that it's a day in the life of the Beatles, it's cheeky, and it has a killer soundtrack. So many good lines come from this movie that we use from time to time. There isn't anything that screams BIRTHDAY about the movie or the lines, but I went with this idea anyway.

"Can we have our ball back?" "That pose is out too, Sonny Jim." "He's a king mixer." "What a clean old man." "Sly villians," "She knitted him." "I now declare this bridge open." "Mercenaries." 
 Katie brought her kids over. Just as I was about to say "Let's sing happy birthday to Granddaddy" Jackson threw up all over his sister. Emma didn't seem to mind too much, but her outfit was full of vomit. Fortunately I had a onesie that was just barely her size so at least she wasn't completely naked. Everyone got cleaned up and the floor was scrubbed and Jackson didn't seem too ill, so we went ahead and sang to Jim and he blew out the candles. There was one second when we thought Jackson might heft, hork, or blow chunks again, but he held it in.

Jackson and cake

I tried to get her to smile, but she is a very serious baby.

He ate a bite or two
 Then he threw up again. Fortunately, I had given Katie a towel which he used to catch the vomit. But he wrecked his clothes this time and he needed a bath.

During the clean up that followed, I was in charge of Emma, and she quickly fell asleep on the couch.

This picture makes me laugh. Jackson looks like he's a corpse. He said his face was cold so he lay down in the bath and put the washcloth on his face. Then his mother covered him up with another towel. He was like that for about 10 or 15 minutes. 
Christian was called and he brought over clean clothing for both children and then they all went back home.

What a fun birthday for Jim! He got to clean up vomit twice!


TaterBean said…
I'm so glad I could present dad with a cleaning up vomit opportunity TWICE on his birthday. Good thing it didn't ruin anyone's appetite for cake (that I know of).