Last all district band concert

And the one where we finally return Mr. H's house key to him. We've had this house key for two plus years, ever since Hayley dog-sat for Mr. H. (Mr. H is one of the district band leaders and he's familiar with the 4 band kids we've had). Hayley used to babysit Mr. H's daughters too.

We are down to 1 actual band concert and 1 possible marching band event ever as high school band parents. Katie picked up a flute after fourth grade and we've been band parents ever since.

One of the songs the Wind Ensemble played was Xerxes and if I may direct your attention to this post from six years ago, you will understand why I was so excited to hear it again. Also if you go back to that old post, you'll see Matt as a young trombonist. Too bad he wouldn't allow close up pics at this concert so you could gauge his growth.

Re: Xerses, I talked briefly to Mr. K about it, expressing my delight that it was played, and he said Matt was one of several seniors who requested that song specifically because they'd heard it played six years ago as sixth graders and new bandists.

our trombonist

the all district band concert takes place in the gym

low brass

a circle of bands


TaterBean said…
Neat!! Let me know when the next one is!