It was a band concert miracle!

Three kids in three different bands.....

.....and ALL of them played on the same night!

The All-District Band Concert is a traditional meeting of the bands, partly to show the beginning band students what lies ahead if they continue with band. Because this is such a large event, it is held in the high school gym. This gym has a walking track around the upper floor, which is where I hung out. I could wander around instead of sitting in one place. Since I had children in all the bands, I needed different vantage points, and the track offered me that option.

So let us start the picture dump!

First off, the disaster of sixth graders left this off to one corner:
Here is Matt in the sixth grade band. The band has 216 members but they did their best to stay together musically.
This is the middle school Honor Band with Hayley on bassoon. Her face is partially blocked by the instrument.
And Paul on the horn in the Wind Ensemble:
And here is an instruction sheet on Paul's music stand. (I can get pretty close with my zoom lens)
Here is what the band setup looked like (the sixth grade band is the big one):Can you find Hayley, Matt, and Paul? (Clicking on the picture will maybe make it larger and easier to find them)

Did you find them?

Be honest.

You couldn't pick them out, could you?

OK, I've circled them for you.

One more picture. It's of sheet music for a piece the Wind Ensemble played (Paul's group). It's the 3rd trombone part and on paper it looks kinda boring. This song, called "Xerxes" was by far, THE BEST song I have ever heard at a band concert. And they played it GREAT. I wish I could describe it to you. It has a middle eastern, Persian sound to it.

I talked to the band director afterward, and told him that it was phenomenal. He said the music was "pricey" but he knew he had to have it after hearing it.

All the bands did well, and I was a happy mama to get three kids' worth of music in one night.


Jenni said…
I felt a different feeling in the force fields of the planet. I'm sure that is how you had all three kids in one concert at the same place. And what a great event!!! I'm sure you were a proud momma. How many more years of band???
TaterBean said…
DANG! That is awesome, and very convenient for you to go to one band concert and see all the band concert each of the remaining (at home) Evans' kids are in! I hope you said "hi" to K for me...if not you better do it next time!
Jenni--If Matt stays in band all through high school, I have six more years.

Katie--I was too mesmerized by K's beard to mention you, and he had precious little time. But I know when he sees us, he thinks of you. And I will next time.