Off go the braces

Before braces:
After braces (and a haircut)

And no pictures from a trip to Chicago because someone LOST THE CAMERA. I am very upset.


Jen said…
Wowzers!!! That is a major difference. Paul looks fabulous, both on top of and in front of his head!

Give that Chicago camera losin' kid a big spankin' from me. Don't your kids know better that all with an anut like me that they always guard their cameras with their life?!?
Jenni said…
WOW - Paul has grown up a lot. He is very Dave-like with his haircut. Nice teeth, too!!

LOST THE CAMERA? Sounds like one of my kids. The one that is going to NY. Who thinks she doesn't need a purse. I can imagine your frustration. I'm wishing you calm feelings.
TaterBean said…
Paul looks different...and weird
Katie--He does not look weird! (well, kinda, but that's how he just looks)