She picked a fine time to leave me

....a reference to a song my sixth grade teacher sang for us as the punchline of a joke. I can't remember exactly how the joke went, but it was something like "What did the guy say to his broken shoe? You picked a fine time to leave me, loose heel." I never got the joke until much later when I heard Kenny Rogers sing the song on the radio.

All this to say that Hayley is now probably checking into a hotel in Chicago. The middle school honor band is officially on their band trip. I don't have any pictures of her getting on the bus because I wasn't there. (a fine mother I am!) The kids left right after school--they brought their gear to school with them, and since I was at seminary, I couldn't send the little girl off. Her daddy did the sending off. Even then, I suppose I could have gone to the official loading of the bus after school, but, oh yeah, I was working.

Speaking of work, I went on a field trip today. We traveled in two school buses and the other bus hit a car. We second busers didn't even realize what had happened, until the kids from the other bus got on our bus. No one was hurt, fortunately. The lady of the vehicle hit by the bus lost all her groceries though. Literally. They were strewn across the road. Two milk cartons and a bag of oranges were two of the most recognizable items.

Secondly, we saw a play about Irish immigrants and the male lead was a FANTASTIC Irish hard-shoe dancer (fantastic insofar as I could tell. I'm not really knowledgeable in the art of Irish hard-shoe dancing. Or soft-shoe either). His feet were flying across the stage. After the play, during the Q and A with the audience, he fielded a request to do the Moonwalk, and he happily obliged.

And that was my day. And the coughing. I coughed a lot. Oh, and a kid threw up on the bus on the way home.


Jenni said…
What an odd field trip. An accident? ok. But then it is funny that a kid threw up. Morgan did that her junior year at marching band state. She hates to be reminded of that. Glad the show was good, though. And I totally understand on work getting in the way of EVERYTHING. Working has ruined my life.
Jenni said…
And I totally remember Mr. Etnier telling the joke, "you picked a fine time to leave me Loose Heel." ha ha ha
Dennis said…
I love the joke!! Kids throwing up on busses are no fun because the bus driver (and aide if he/she has one) have to clean up the mess. We have one bus route that a certain kid throws up 3/4 times per week. The driver has asked that the child be driven to school by a parent.
Jen said…
Sounds like an eventful day. Thankfully, you didn't get thrown up on. Ugh. I hope Hayley has a fabulous time on her band trip. Too bad we were out of town to meet up with her. I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted her uncool uncle and aunt bugging her...haha.