Three cheers for the internet!

Because you can steal--uh, copy--pictures of your daughter in Chicago (who lost the camera) from other people's websites.

Here she is on the bus with her roommate for the trip.
And here she is, touching that mirrored bean sculpture.
The group went to a dinner theater with a medieval theme. Their section was green so they rooted for the green knight, who turned out to be the bad guy. He doesn't look so bad in this picture.
No band trip is complete without actually playing something.
Back on the bus. Hayley looks embarrassed.
And she was because everyone on the bus was singing Happy Birthday to her. The week before the trip, I mentioned to the band director that the band trip would coincide with Hayley's birthday and asked if there was any way I could smuggle a cake on the bus. He suggested Hostess cupcake-like treats and also suggested we keep it a secret. It was a good plan! I bought treats and had Matt get them to the band teacher before the trip (he did his secretive part well--Hayley did not suspect a thing). On her birthday in the afternoon, Mr. H got up in the front of the bus and announced Hayley's birthday and everyone sang and got treats.

Hayley had a very good time. And I'm glad that I got to see some pictures.


TaterBean said…
I especially like the embarrassed picture of Hayley...she is really red. :P
Jen said…
I'm glad she had a good time Chicago and how sweet to have her band teacher remember her birthday and present treats. Good times!
Jenni said…
Isn't facebook wonderful, just for that sort of thing!! Looks like she had a grand time. And a happy birthday.