More freezing action

I'm going to make lasagna for dinner tonight and I will be making a second one to put in the freezer, just like I did with the chicken divan yesterday.

Hayley didn't seem to quite grasp the concept of freezer dinners. She kept asking when we were going to eat the second divan casserole. I said I didn't know. Then she asked, "Then why do you have it?"

Me: "To save for a busy day."

H: "Why not just order pizza?"

Me: "Because I want to save pizza ordering for Saturdays."

H: "But you have more time to cook on Saturday."

Me: "I don't want to cook on Saturday"

H: "Then order pizza."

Me: "Go away."

We also have the same type of roundabout discussions regarding wearing leg warmers and shorts in wintertime (or early springtime), only I'm the puzzled one--Why have leg warmers when you can just wear socks and longer pants? Hayley: "Because I want to wear shorts..."

And then I had to go to bed because I got a circular-argument-induced headache.

Mom, I think Hayley needs some of those knitted arm-warmers from your weird knitting pattern book so she can wear t-shirts in cold weather.


Jen said…
Sounds like many of my conversations with Mimi. Good for you for taking the initiative to have extra meals on hand. I'm kind of baffled by frozen meals, too, though. Do you put it in a full size cookable pan? If so, how the heck do you fit all that I your freezer?

Annie is always trying to steal VM's baby legs to wear on her arms.
Jenni said…
So forward thinking of you. Hayley will understand when she grows out of her teen-thinking ways. Right now, pizza is always the answer.
Mike said…
You know what would be cool, knit some of those arm warmers and attach them to a knit vest...
Jen--I make the casserole in a pan lined with foil. When the meal is completely frozen, I take it out of the pan and wrap it in another layer of foil (then I label it). When it's time to thaw, I stick the casserole in the dish I froze it in.

Jenni--Yeah. Teenagers and pizza.

Mike-why has no one thought of that before??? You will revolutionize the clothing industry!